If you want to win the war, you have to understand the enemy. When you’re up against mold, you need to know where it’s located, what species you’re facing, and if bacteria is present at the source. Without this information, you can’t form a plan of action on how to treat the contamination.

Take our company policy for instance. We only work with clients that have completed 100% top-to-bottom testing. If we don’t understand the extent of what we’re up against, it’s impossible for us to guarantee complete remediation. When we don’t solve the complete problem, we’ve failed our core values. We could miss something crucial that’s causing your symptoms, like a bacteria presence. Leaving the bacteria means that your symptoms will not go away when the job is “finished.”

Restoration teams require a complete roadmap of the problem, detailed by full deep-dive testing, to know the scope of the damage and address each contaminant present in your home. That way they can form a protocol plan before they being their remediation.

A proper inspection should take a few hours and use a variety of methodologies. Some testing data you should expect to see are:

  1. Types of molds present
  2. Quantities of each mold
  3. Potential spore presence in the HVAC system
  4. Presence of mycotoxins (a harmful toxin produced by molds)
  5. Presence of bacteria

With your health and the health of your family on the line, the groundwork is key to overcoming your mold problem. 


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Below are our mold inspector partners that we recommend to our clients.

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