As New College wrestles with decaying dorms, new students get best rooms

Michael Rubino was a featured expert in an article in Tampa Bay Times discussing how mold in dorms affects college students.

After weathering a tumultuous end to the last academic year, third- and fourth-year students returning to New College of Florida could look forward to one silver lining for the coming school year: the promise of premium apartment-style dorms, typically reserved for them.

But in June, returning students got a surprise email from New College housing director Sean Brueggemann: “You might have noticed your housing changed,” the email read, going on to explain that the school was pulling existing housing assignments to make way for new student athletes.

Instead, some returning students will be shifted into dorms with rampant mold and concerning structural problems identified by a consulting firm hired by the school. The May 22 report from Partner Engineering and Science Inc. said that two of the buildings to which students have been assigned — known as the Pei dorms — “should not be occupied in their current condition.”

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