Bathroom cleaning checklist: What to clean each day, week, month and season

Your bathroom can become a hot zone for contaminants like mold and bacteria. Here's how to keep yours clean and healthy.

The room where we clean up needs to be kept, well, clean.

It might seem overwhelming to keep your bathroom spick-and-span at all times, but there’s a way of balancing low-maintenance tasks with heavy-duty cleaning so that you’re not constantly carrying some type of scrub brush or cleaning spray in your hands.

Keep it simple with daily tasks and set aside longer amounts of time for the bigger ones. “If you’re pressed for time, just focus on the areas that are the dirtiest until you can get everything in good shape,” Raquel Kehler, an interior designer and house flipper at Roomcrush, tells

To save yourself time (and steps), Kehler suggests using a caddy to tote all of your cleaning supplies into the bathroom.

Not sure where and when you should start? We've put together the ultimate bathroom cleaning checklist, complete with expert tips, to help you make sense of the tasks at hand. Use this as a guide, but remember: If something looks dirty to your naked eye, don't wait to clean it.

Once you get a handle on your bathroom, work your way through our kitchen cleaning checklist. Then the rest of your house awaits!

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