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When it comes to mold, there is a lot of misinformation out there. One of the most prominent is the bleach mold myth. Chances are that you’ve heard the popular saying, “Just throw some bleach on it. That’ll take care of the mold.”

This is absolutely untrue for a few reasons.

Bleach Mold Myth Explained

1. Killing mold is not enough: While bleach may kill the colonized mold (and that’s not even a guarantee), it won’t eliminate all of the particles present. Dead mold particles have to go so that exposure does not continue. 

2. Speaking of particles: Dead mold isn’t the only thing bleach will leave behind. To properly cleanse a surface, the contaminants must be removed, even hard-to-eliminate particles like bacteria and mycotoxins. 

 3. Bleach is a no-go on some surfaces: Semi-porous and porous surfaces have small pockets that allow particles to burrow deep within the surface. These particles must be dealt with to handle with contamination effectively. Bleach cannot effectively handle this situation.

4. Harsh chemicals are bad for use, the environment, and indoor air quality: The fumes created by the chemicals in bleach can trigger adverse health reactions, lower our indoor air quality, and are toxic to the environment.

Read more about the bleach mold myth and why this product is a no-go for your home and mold-fighting needs here.

That’s why botanical cleaning products are a much better option. Instead of harmful components, botanical products use ingredients like essential oils to effectively clean and remove toxic particles that can cause adverse health reactions. These non-toxic ingredients also do not decrease indoor air quality with harmful chemicals and reduce the risk of exposure-related reactions. 

We suggest Benefect Decon 30. This product is made with botanical ingredients and a unique Optimized Dynamic Chemistry (ODC) surfactant system to handle any particles present on a surface properly. That way, they can be wiped away with a microfiber cloth. When properly cleansing a surface, this is key because any particles left behind can lead to mold growth or exposure to high volumes of things like mycotoxins and bacteria. 

It’s so effective that those of us at HomeCleanse use it in every home we remediate and decontaminate. Plus! The lack of harsh chemicals means it will support healthy air quality in the home and is safer for the environment.

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