Can Mold in the Basement Affect Upstairs?

Michael Rubino was a featured expert in an article at Family Handyman to discuss how mold in the basement can lead to more issues elsewhere.

Mold grows in a damp basement, but does it stay there? Can it travel to the rest of your home? An expert answers these questions and more.

Did you know mold in your basement can affect the upstairs living areas of your home? It can.

Should you be concerned? What can you do about mold in your basement? I talked with Michael Rubino, author of The Mold Medic: an Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal and founder of HomeCleanse, to answer these important questions.

Should I Worry About Mold in the Basement?

Yes. Molds can cause health problems and damage property, so it’s important to take care it quickly. Mold colonies release microscopic spores that can be carried throughout the house on air currents, pets, people and personal belongings.

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