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The answer to this is yes, absolutely. Mold spores are everywhere—inside and outside. 

As microscopic particles, spores float wherever the wind current takes them. That could lead them into a forest, your backyard, or right through the window of your car. Their ability to maneuver anywhere and everywhere means that when your pet is outside taking care of business or getting some of that energy out, mold spores can land right on their coat. When your pet comes back inside, those spores will tag along for the ride and make their way into your home. 

Eliminating the Mold Spores

It’s impossible to completely prevent mold spores from making their way into your pet’s fur, so prevention involves taking steps to actively remove them. My suggestion is to find a broad spectrum disinfectant shampoo to ensure the mold spores are fully cleaned and removed from their coats. Make sure to also opt for a product that’s anti-microbial as opposed to just antibacterial. This is a better bet to thoroughly treat the mold spores.

Another good idea is to actively deep clean the house on a regular basis to remove any particles that have made their way inside. These can also get trapped in your pet’s fur, so eliminating them preemptively can help keep your pet’s coat healthy and safe. HomeCleanse offers a few options for cleaning kits as well as effective product options. 

Additional Resources 

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