Catching Her Breath – Kimberly Rose


Today’s Mold Talks guest is Kimberly Rose, a certified breathwork therapist and mold survivor. Kimberly’s unique experience with exposure-related toxicity started over a decade before she discovered that the root cause of her issues was living in a moldy environment. Since the discovery, she’s jumped from moldy environment to moldy environment and is now well aware of just how prevalent this indoor contaminant is and how difficult it can be to find a safe indoor space.

The saving grace that helped her get through the entire tumultuous experience was learning about and becoming an expert in breathwork. Between the gentle detox and the helpful mindset that this practice provided, she was able to survive living in these toxic environments and start down the path of healing. The road to recovery was bumpy, and it’s one she’s still attempting to navigate. But, by taking the steps she can when she can, Kimberly is well on her way toward her life-changing wellness goals.

Her experience shows how important it is to focus on the little steps and do what she can when she can. By first getting herself in the right and positive mindset, Kimberly has been able to help her body along the path of healing. Now she’s using her experience to help others who are suffering through similar circumstances.


“I’m just here on this planet trying to do the best I can and showing people how to get some more oxygen into their bodies so they can help gently detox.”

Kimberly’s journey with mold exposure began after moving into a mildewy apartment in Nashville, Tennessee when she was 19. Over time, she began to develop debilitating migraines that sent her to the ER for the next 16 years of her life. Eventually, a series of other chronic symptoms developed over time, which drastically changed her everyday life.

To make the situation even more dire, she was experiencing the effects of Adderall and heavy drinking-induced depression. Between her ongoing symptoms and self-harm thoughts, Kimberly began to question whether or not she would be able to make it through this dark time. It was at one of the lowest points of her journey that she was randomly introduced to a breathwork coach for the first time. While she struggled initially to get into the practice, it would eventually change her entire life. From fostering a healthier mindset to gently helping her body detox, the system broke her out of the incredibly dark place she was in.

“I’m really grateful that someone taught me how to do breathwork because I know what it’s like to spend thousands of dollars trying to figure out what’s going on and I know what it’s like to have no money and all you have is the breath.”

While breathwork helped her tremendously, her health took a turn for the worse in 2020, and her migraines ramped up once again. Thankfully, her sister suggested that Kimberly do a bio-resonance scan to determine what was going on. The results showed that her system was overloaded with mold, giving Kimberly the answer she was looking for. Armed with this new understanding, she dove into starting her journey to healing and started taking supplements and mold binders. Within a month, she began feeling the benefits of her body finally getting the chance to heal.

After a year, she felt like a totally different person, even while living in a moldy environment. Her positive reaction, along with her lack of awareness of mold, led to her prematurely stopping her supplement regime. Almost immediately, her health regressed and she began experiencing symptoms again. Kimberly immediately started back, resulting in better health and a new appreciation of just how powerful the effects of mold exposure can be.

While she’s still living in a moldy house, she’s dedicated to finding a safe environment to live in once her finances sort themselves out. Until then, she’s focused on doing what she can when she can.

“When I’m in a moldy environment and my thoughts start getting dark, I take some deep breaths in and I try not to take it personally. I’m going to be out of this soon. I really feel for people when they call me and they’re just operating off of the fear of mold. Remember, you’ve made it this far. You’re gonna be okay.”

Her experience with mold is what led her to combine her two passions and help those suffering from chronic conditions find healing through breathwork. From guiding classes and breathwork sessions to creating a plethora of free online content, she’s doing everything she can to provide resources to those struggling with a similar battle.

“We’re all stressed out, you know. So, I start with a simple reminder. Just take a few deep breaths throughout the day. It’s getting the body into that flow of just taking a few deep breaths when you’re angry, getting anxiety, or whatever.”

By taking a moment to relax and give the body the oxygen it needs, she’s witnessed the positive impact this practice has on countless people. Above all, it helps give people hope that their personal struggles can be overcome. Kimberly says that with how expensive healing can be, his method is one economical piece of the puzzle to begin incorporating to start down the journey to wellness.

“I meet people all the time that have PTSD over mold. Their fear is ramped up so high, and when we get into the fear and the panic of it, we stop breathing properly, and then our intuition gets blocked. Don’t give it that much power. You’re gonna find a way through this. It’s just part of your healing journey, and what if that mold leads you into something better?”

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