Feeling Down? It Could Be Mold Exposure- The Nerdy Millennial

September 3, 2021

Constantly feeling rundown? Or maybe plagued with coughing, chest pain, or a runny nose? Oftentimes when we go to a doctor to seek help in alleviating these symptoms, we’ll receive a “maybe diagnosis” and a prescription. Sometimes they’ll even tell us to fix our diet or to exercise more. Anything and everything except what actually might be causing the issue.

The average human takes 20,000 breaths a day, and most of those are inside our homes. When we feel ill, we’re quick to look for a disease or illness, but we should also be considering a factor right in front of our noses: environmental conditions. Specifically, one of the largest contributing environmental factors to our health: air quality. When mold or bacteria is present in a home, and it’s much more common than many may think, indoor air quality takes a huge hit. When the air we’re breathing in is highly contaminated, adverse health reactions begin to take hold.

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Nerdy Millennial

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