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If you've already had an inspection, and have  laboratory data with reports and recommendations to review at your home, we recommend a Healthy Home Survey.

Your next step in this process is to conduct a Healthy Home Survey. During this survey, an expert from HomeCleanse will visit your home to conduct a thorough analysis of the various factors that can impact your home's health. This includes evaluating the air quality, looking for potential sources of indoor pollution, and identifying any areas of your home that may be particularly susceptible to contamination.

Here's Our RecommendationS


Good for those just starting out

Creating a healthy home starts with evaluating all the different aspects that can impact the overall health of the environment.

HomeCleanse's Home Health Advisors are trained to conduct a thorough virtual analysis of your home and identify potential issues that negatively impact the health and well-being of the people living there. A consultation with a Home Health Advisor from HomeCleanse is the first step in creating a truly healthy home.


Perfect for those ready to take action

If you're fairly confident mold is causing an issue in your home but not sure what to do next, you'll want to look into our Healthy Home Analysis+ bundle.

You'll receive a consultation with our Healthy Home Advisors and The Dust Test.

The Dust Test is a DNA-based PCR test that tests the dust inside of your home to help us understand if you’re being exposed to hidden sources of mold inside the home.  Learning what is in your air and how its affecting you is of utmost importance.

Learn What's

In Your Air

Learn What's

In Your Air

Environmental health is the missing piece to the holistic wellness pie

The average person breathes 20,000 breaths daily and spends around 90% of their time indoors. Yet our indoor environments are often the last place we consider as an element of healthy living.

As one of the greatest routes of exposure we face, indoor air quality has the ability to foster our overall wellness or negatively impact it. 




While it may look stunning, a standalone tub on top of hardwood flooring is a recipe for microbial growth. One of our celebrity clients had this exact setup, and testing data showed over 2 million spores of Stachybotrys under the tub.
Bath sponges are doused with water every single day and live in moisture-rich rooms and thanks to their porous nature, that moisture gets trapped within the tiny holes within the item. When you throw them in a bowl, they don’t get the opportunity to dry out as much as they should, allowing for microbial growth to develop.
As grout becomes semi-porous over time, organic particles and water can make their way inside. Coupled with structural issues such as misaligned tiles and cracks, which can trap water, you’ve got a perfect oasis to support microbial growth.
Bunched-up towels and other items can trap moisture for extended periods of time. Some species of mold can grow in as little as 24–48 hours, which is why hanging items up to dry is paramount.

Get Started

Looking to work with us

If you're looking to get started with HomeCleanse, we have three ways for you to do so.

Not sure if your home environment is impacting your health goals? Not sure where to start? The Healthy Home Analysis helps you take your first step. While it doesn’t include any data like the Healthy Home Analysis+ does, our Home Health Advisors can ask key questions to help guide you towards creating a healthy environment. (If you have already purchased The Dust Test or ERMI, then this is the right place for you, otherwise you should consider inquiring about the Healthy Home Analysis+)

Just like the Healthy Home Analysis, we help you take your first step towards identifying if your home is unhealthy and what you can do about it but this time we can help make advanced recommendations because this includes the data we need to do so. Not only do we ask you key questions to identify problems inside the home but we also obtain the data to be able to ensure you are identifying key unwanted contaminants you are being exposed to.

Because in order to have a healthy home we have to first identify what is unhealthy about it!

If you've already had an inspection, and have the laboratory data with reports and recommendations on your home, you'll want to start with the Healthy Home Survey.

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Michael Rubino, Indoor Air Quality Expert And Wellness Advocate Is Bridging The Gap Between Our Homes And Our Health.


Harmful toxic byproducts produced by certain species of mold

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