How To Clean Your Ice Maker So Your Ice Cubes Stop Giving Your Drinks an Off Taste

Michael Rubino offered expert commentary in an article by First for Women on how to keep your ice machine mold-free.

Ice makes all kinds of drinks better, from coffee to juice to cocktails to plain old water. An icy beverage refreshes like no other, but sometimes ice can taste a bit funky or melt way quicker than it should. To find the culprit behind ice with an “off” taste, you have to go straight to the source: your ice maker.

Whether your fridge has an ice maker attached or you use a countertop ice maker, chances are good your machine could benefit from a cleaning. Because an ice maker is an appliance built for one specific purpose, it can be tricky to know what, exactly, is the best approach to cleaning it. We asked professional cleaners to share their tips for how to clean an ice maker, so your drinks can be as refreshing as possible.

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