How To Prevent Mold From Growing On Your Beloved Houseplants

Michael Rubino wrote an article featured at mindbodygreen on how to keep your houseplants healthy and free from mold.

For many plant enthusiasts, indoor vegetation is a must. Not only do houseplants add pops of color and personality to a space, but they can also help improve our mental health at home. Unfortunately, mold can turn these leafy friends into a health hazard.

That's not to say you should kick your fern or fiddle-leaf fig out of the house, though! Just follow these tips to keep them mold-free.

Why does mold grow on houseplants?

Most species of mold spores need two main components to transition into living colonies: a food source and a water source.

The organic material in plants' potting soil offers plenty of edible options for mold spores. Dead debris, such as leaves, can also attract mold. And finally, organic particles floating around in your indoor air, such as skin cells, can also supply mold with life-giving energy.

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