Identifying and Removing Mold from the Home – Goop

January 10th, 2021

We consume a lot of air—20,000 breaths per day, on average. As with food and water, the quality of the air we consume is vital to our well-being, yet it’s often the last factor that is examined when our bodies are unwell. But after working with many doctors and helping over a thousand families improve their home air quality, it’s becoming more apparent to me that clean indoor air is important for overall health. One common contaminant in indoor air is mold.


Mold is a general term used to describe over 100,000 species of fungi, including mildew. It’s a living organism that begins as a spore (a small particle) and continues to grow and survive in the presence of moisture (typically a leak) and organic food sources (e.g., wood and other things that make up homes and buildings). As mold grows in a location, it makes spores and toxic compounds that can contaminate the air and spread throughout the entire home.

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