I’m A Mold Remediation Expert & These Are 5 Mold Myths I Hear All The Time – mindbodygreen

January 28, 2021

Over the years as a mold remediation expert, I’ve realized that there is a lot of misinformation out there about mold and how to properly treat it in order to prevent health issues. In my conversations with people who suffer from the mold at home, here are the common myths that I hear time and time again:

Myth 1: If you dry out the space, the mold goes away.

Mold needs water to thrive. But a common misconception is that when you dry out a space, mold simply goes away. In reality, dry mold doesn’t die; it becomes dormant.

Dormant mold can then get brittle and easily break off into small particles that become airborne in your home, where it can spread through your HVAC system. From there, it will wait dormant for the right environment to grow again. So while it may not be producing as much contamination in the air, this dormant mold is still a source of concern.

The EPA notes that it is not enough to just kill mold. It must be removed, as dead (or dormant) mold can still cause allergic reactions in people.


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