Homecleanse uses the same systems to calculate insurance claims made on your home as your insurance company.

Using the same systems helps us speak the same language as your insurance company when preparing the cost estimation for repairing your home. When working with your insurance claim, our priority is fixing the issue so that it doesn’t reoccur. During remediation, if corners are cut to generate more profit for the contractor or for insurance company costs, it’s likely that the mold condition will return. It’s your right to hire a professional like us to resolve the mold problem in your home instead of using the insurance company’s preferred vendor.


Have you checked your mold insurance lately? There may be some gaps in coverage that need to be addressed ASAP so you’re covered for any and all unexpected problems. 


Amount: For those who own a home, we fully support having at least $25,000 in coverage. For larger homes, we suggest bumping that number up to $50,000 at least. Unfortunately, when signing up for insurance coverage, most people unknowingly only select the option for $0 to $10,000 worth of coverage. That’s usually never enough to cover a mold problem. The cost of remediating a small contaminated area can quickly rise above $10,000 between equipment costs, consumables, products, and labor. The extra monthly cost is absolutely worth it in the event that you ever need to file a claim. 

Exclusions: Make sure to ask about any exclusions that pertain to your coverage. Pay particular attention to the part of your coverage that mentions a “sudden and accidental occurrence.” This detail means that the insurance company only has to cover damage from mold that grew from a sudden incidence, like a pipe bursting. Mold colonies that grew because of poor ventilation or humidity controls are not covered (they’re considered homeowner’s neglect). 

Understanding your coverage now will help prepare you for the costs you’ll be responsible for beyond the amount provided from your claim and fill in any existing gaps.


  1. If the source of water is caused by a pipe, shut down the water systems by shutting off the valve or water main and call an emergency service plumber to repair the system.
  2. When you have a claim to make, review your policy and call your insurance company to notify them of the loss.
  3. Since mold can start growing in as little as 12 hours, contact your preferred licensed mold assessor. If you do not have one, you can reach out to us to see our preferred assessors in your area.
  4. Give us a call at (732) 792-9612 to make an appointment to review and assess the damage so that we can prepare an estimate.

While HomeCleanse is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you with your insurance claim, we are not a licensed public adjustment company. In some cases, you may want to hire a public adjustment company to help adjust your claim with the insurance company and ensure the full scope of work required is covered under your claim. Check our list of Insurance Partners.