Change the Air Foundation Summit


What: Change the Air Foundation Summit

When: September 18th, 2023

Where: Virtual (so anywhere!)

Cost: FREE

How to Register: Click Here

The countdown has officially begun!

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Change the Air Foundation Summit will take place on September 18, 2023. This groundbreaking virtual event is dedicated to empowering the world (including you!) to achieve better health by addressing the impact of water damage, mold, and other pollutants on indoor air quality. 

“We enter this world with a breath. We leave this world with breath. Having clean air indoors should be everyone’s priority.” -Dr. Deepak Chopra

What is the Change the Air Foundation Summit?

On September 18th, you will have unlimited access to our summit, an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable strategies for creating healthier homes and buildings. The Change the Air Foundation Summit is a free event that will feature talks and presentations from renowned individuals from various fields, including doctors, building experts, notable celebrities impacted by poor air quality, and prominent health advocates. 

Each of these impassioned speakers will provide you with actionable steps to improve the air you breathe. So be sure to mark your calendars because this information-packed event is one you do not want to miss.

Take a look below to learn more about the Change the Air Foundation Summit and how it can help you take control of your indoor air quality and breathe easier. 

Change the Air Foundation Summit

Who is Change the Air Foundation?

Change the Air Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by a group of indoor air quality advocates who came together to raise awareness about and reduce the serious risk poor indoor air poses to human health.

Why? Because far too many individuals are negatively impacted by poor indoor air quality every single day, and that needs to change.

CTA’s Mission

We give every person the knowledge, resources, and support to achieve better health by breathing safe indoor air.

Anyone can experience the negative effects of poor indoor air quality. These indoor pollutants are often odorless, colorless, and invisible to the naked eye. What's worse, it often takes people years to make that connection between their health and home, if they ever make it at all. The unfortunate result is that individuals suffer from chronic symptoms because treatment plans don’t address the underlying trigger: continued harmful environmental exposure. The root cause must be addressed so that the body is given the opportunity to heal.

That’s why the Change the Air Foundation is dedicated to three major initiatives: education, policy and advocacy, and research.


Spearhead and advocate for legislative initiatives to bring about meaningful policy reforms at all levels of government concerning indoor air pollutants in every type of indoor space.


Educate people about the serious risk contaminated air in indoor spaces poses to human health and how to mitigate it.


Dispense funding for clinical and environmental research related to water damage and environmental toxins, and the roles they play in our overall

By changing the air, we can change the world together.

Change the Air Foundation Summit

What to Expect During Change the Air Foundation Summit

This one-of-a-kind event brings together leading experts and visionaries from around the world with the goal of helping people make the connection between their health and their home.

The topics shared during this free, virtual event will raise much-needed awareness around the importance of indoor air quality and provide actionable ideas and suggestions that will lead people to healthier homes, buildings, and lives.

The featured episodes during the Change the Air Foundation Summit will be divided into two main categories.


Learn to identify and mitigate exposures to mold, water damage, VOCs, EMFs, lead, and other indoor air pollutants that negatively impact indoor air quality.


Learn about symptoms and treatment options for conditions caused or exacerbated by poor indoor air quality, including chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune issues, Alzheimer’s, PANDAS/PANS, and more.

You can then navigate through these topics based on your area of interest.

Discussion topics to expect include:

  • Why the health of your home matters and how much it can impact your wellness.

  • This issue is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Clearing up the confusion from the vast amount of misinformation regarding this problem

  • Research endeavors that are currently underway to provide credible information to doctors and scientists.

  • Policy reforms that need to take place

  • Legal assistance that is available and how to properly get aid when you need it.

  • How to properly identify issues in our homes and workplaces.

  • How to properly renovate our homes and workplaces.

  • Things that you can do to heal the body after exposure.

  • Much, much more

The impressive list of notable keynote speakers will provide answers to these questions and more during their talks and presentations featured at the Change the Air Foundation Summit.

Who Should You Expect to See at the Change the Air Foundation Summit?

We could not be more grateful for the number of individuals who dedicated time to share their insights, expertise, and strategies for creating healthier homes.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Will Cole

Here’s a look at this year’s lineup:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and wellness guru
  • Dr. Deepak Chopra, author and Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health
  • Christina Perri, award-winning singer/songwriter
  • Kelly LeVeque, celebrity nutritionist
  • Dr. Steven Gundry, physician and best-selling author
  • Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine doctor and best-selling author
  • Joe Miller, member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Kate Needham, co-founder and executive director of Armed Forces Housing
  • Nicolas Pineault, investigative health journalist and author

That’s not all, though! You can also expect to hear from many more passionate and dedicated individuals who want you to have the tools and awareness to live healthier by creating safer indoor environments.

Take a look at the full line-up here.

The Best Part about the Change the Air Foundation Summit?

We know how busy life is. Trying to schedule a time to watch something at a specific time of the day? It can be a serious struggle!

That’s why we formatted this summit as a mini-series that is on-demand and available when you are available. Just like your favorite TV shows! Except you don’t have to wait for every episode to be released. 

On September 18th, every information-packed episode will be available to view in our content hub. Whether you’re ready to binge-watch the series, catch an episode during your lunch break, or have a viewing party with friends or family, we’ve got you covered.

This will ensure you can watch every single episode, regardless of your schedule or where you live around the world. 

While you can pick and choose which videos to watch based on your current needs, we strongly encourage you to watch all of the videos. This will provide you with a wealth of information that can aid you in your journey toward wellness, now and in the future.

The power of greater awareness is in your hands and only a click away.

The Ultimate Best Part

This event is FREE.

Yes, you read that right. When you register for the Change the Air Foundation Summit, you will have unlimited 24/7 access to this life-changing information and the sponsors who made the event possible. 

And it won’t cost you a single cent. 

Who Should Attend?

That’s easy! Everyone should attend, including YOU!

Whether you’re concerned about potential indoor mold growth, EMFs, healing your body after exposure, or creating a safe indoor environment, the Change the Air Foundation Summit will help you succeed on your journey to improving your wellness.

With the general lack of information and misinformation out there regarding this issue, having this information will help give you peace of mind that you and your family are healthy.

Take Action Now

Are you ready to take control of your indoor air quality? 

Register now to join us for the Change the Air Foundation Summit 2023! This is your opportunity to begin taking control of your health by taking control of our indoor environments and air quality.

Make sure to invite your friends and family to join as well, so that together we can begin taking control of our health by taking control of our indoor environments and air quality.

We Hope to See You Soon!

The Change the Air Foundation Summit is a landmark event that will revolutionize the way we think about indoor air quality. We can’t wait to see you on September 18th for a virtual experience packed with transformative talks, expert advice, and inspiration. Together, let's empower ourselves and others to breathe cleaner air and live healthier lives.