Is Mildew Any Different From Mold? – mindbodygreen

April 24, 2021

I’m here today to solve the biggest debate in bathroom cleaning history: Is it mold, or is it mildew? The answer is that it’s probably both. At the end of the day, mildew is just another type of mold—and it can be just as harmful if not properly treated. Here’s what to know.

What’s the difference between mold and mildew? 

Molds come in all sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, while mildew is typically characterized by a white or gray powdery fungus.

When you see “mildew,” you are most likely seeing a mold that is in the Ascomycota division, which tends to be lighter in color and more powdery in texture. (You may have heard the term “powdery mildew,” which is a plant disease caused by Ascomycota fungi.)


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