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Fun fact: mildew is just a type of mold, so they’re actually the exact same thing. So, when someone tells you that mildew in a home is “no big deal” and that it’s unavoidable, that is definitely not true

Exposure to indoor mold growth opens the door to adverse health reactions for those with sensitivities. As that colony continues to grow inside of a home, it releases microscopic spores into the surrounding area. Some species of mold also produce microscopic toxins called mycotoxins when threatened. Aspergillus, for example, is a common type of mildew that can produce these tiny toxins. It can also trigger an autoimmune condition called Aspergillosis. Thanks to the tiny size of these particles, they’re able to be inhaled, absorbed, and ingested into the body and can trigger a long list of adverse health reactions. 

The truth is, though, that you just never know how someone will respond to exposure, which is why any and all indoor mold growth should be taken care of quickly and correctly- even mildew. If you discover mildew in your home, you need to start determining how extensive the mold problem is in the indoor environment. Is it just that one spot, or are there other problem areas around the house? 

Thoroughly investigate mold hotspots within the home and assess how you feel. If this is the ah-ha moment that makes you realize you’ve been suffering from chronic symptoms, consider hiring a qualified mold inspector to come in and assess the home to see if there are hidden issues, like inside walls or underneath the flooring. Oftentimes, we’ll push through things like constant sinus infections, chronic fatigue, or brain fog and chalk it up to stress or a busy life, when really, it’s something in our indoor environment affecting our health. Our bodies are amazing warning systems that will tell us if something is wrong, but we actually have to listen to them as they’re telling us there’s a problem. 

If it’s just that one area, make sure to treat the mildew with EPA-approved products and a proper remediation protocol as well to ensure the mold is taken care of completely. When in doubt, contact an expert with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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