Lymes Disease, Mold Exposure, Or Both? – The Fashionable Housewife

February 26, 2021

Lyme disease is getting more and more prevalent every year. This disease is caused by a bite from an infected tick and begins to develop in stages. Most of the symptoms fit their diagnosis, so they begin treatment. At first, your child may begin to get a little better, but their symptoms never completely go away or may begin to worsen.

As a society, we look at dozens of causes and triggers for illnesses, but we often forget to look at one of the biggest and most important factors for our health: air quality. When the air we’re breathing, especially in our homes, is contaminated, it can cause a wide range of persistent health problems. One of the largest contributors to poor indoor air quality and adverse health reactions is mold exposure.

If your child isn’t getting better from treatment for Lyme disease, it may be because their symptoms are stemming from mold exposure.

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