Michael Rubino Explains How To Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Safe

Michael Rubino was interviewed in this article featured in Health Digest to discuss how to improve your indoor environment.

Poor air quality isn't just an outdoor problem. While you might not be exposed to as much auto exhaust, soot, or industrial pollution at home, other invisible dangers may still be present. If you're vulnerable to allergies, you know that dust and pollen can make their way into your home's air and make you miserable. But even if you've never worried about allergies, household mold — even if hidden in a duct or attic — can wreak havoc on your home's air quality and cause serious illness.

"As a [mold] colony grows, it releases microscopic particles called spores into the surrounding environment," explained mold remediation specialist Michael Rubino. These spores, he said, can be inhaled, triggering the immune system to go into overdrive. This can cause a range of ailments, some serious.

Through his water and mold remediation business HomeCleanse and his latest initiative, the Change the Air Foundation, Rubino helps families return their homes to a safe condition. In an exclusive email interview with Health Digest, he shared his expert tips for keeping your indoor air quality safe and mold-free.

Read the full article here:  https://www.healthdigest.com/967298/michael-rubino-explains-how-to-keep-your-indoor-air-quality-safe-exclusive/

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