Michael Rubino Of The Change The Air Foundation On The Importance Of Your Home’s Air Quality – Exclusive Interview

Michael Rubino was interviewed in this article featured in Health Digest to discuss his career, indoor air quality, and more.

Your home should be your castle and your retreat — the one place you feel safest and most comfortable. But if you've been feeling off for a while and can't figure out why, your home may be the culprit — or more specifically, the toxic mold that may be growing in your home. Mold is much more than a cosmetic issue, and according to mold remediation specialist Michael Rubino, toxic mold spores, if inhaled, can contribute to serious ailments ranging from brain fog to migraines to hormone and fertility issues. While mold infestations can erupt at any time of year, summer storms and humidity can be exacerbating factors.

Initially trained in construction and disaster restoration, Rubino has built a unique career bridging the gap between home maintenance and health advocacy. His restoration company, HomeCleanse, coordinates with medical professionals to offer specialized mold remediation services designed not only to remove mold and bacteria but also to ensure safe and healthy indoor air quality.

In addition, Rubino recently launched the Change the Air Foundation, an advocacy organization to build awareness about the impact of water damage and mold on indoor air quality and health and support those impacted by household mold. In an exclusive email interview, Rubino talked to us about his professional journey and the steps you can take to keep your home safe and healthy.

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