You’ve done the legwork. You know what mold is. You know how it can affect your health. You know there’s mold in your home, where it is, and how bad the contamination levels are. Now it’s time to fix the problem so that you begin to feel better.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We know. Armed with the right questions, you’ll be able to determine which company best fits your needs and get your problem taken care of.

You may be asking, “Why are you giving out the answers when you could say ‘Call HomeCleanse, we’ll fix the problem for you!’” The truth is, we’d love to be the company that treats your home! Our mission, though, focuses on the bigger picture: your health and the health of your family.

Prolonged exposure to molds can have a range of negative effects on your health. You need the right company to ensure they treat your home properly and your health improves.

The biggest problem we face in the mold remediation industry is the widespread belief that ANY professional and ANY practice will improve air quality.

That is not, we repeat, that is not true! If you’re already experiencing health issues, you need remediation from a company that focuses specifically on the health perspective. Every company offers a unique set of professional services. The last thing we want is for you to spend money hiring a company that just makes the situation worse. If you can’t hire us for one reason or another, we want to make sure the company you do hire will be the best fit for you.


If you’re already experiencing some health problems, you need to hire a company that specializes and understands the causes of your symptoms. Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’re interviewing companies and deciding who will fix the entire problem. With these questions and expected answers, you’ll leave those interviews with the peace of mind you’re looking for.

We’re also providing a PDF version for you as well. Pull it up on your phone while interviewing or print it out just to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Interview Questions and Answers

1. How many people have you worked with in the past that were already sick? How many of those people went home after your treatment and stopped experiencing symptoms?

You’re looking for a company with proven success. They should have already dealt with other individuals experiencing sensitivity and successfully employed treatments that worked. Previous industry standards for mold remediation were not made with an individual with sensitivities in mind. They were made to treat the mold problem and get out. You want a company that focuses first on your health and then builds a remediation program around alleviating those symptoms.

2. What guarantees do I have that if I work with you but still don’t feel well after your remediation, that you’ll come back to identify and continue to treat my mold problem?

The last thing you want is an incomplete job or a job that costs double what you were expecting. Some contracts are simple: you have mold in the walls, they remove it, and air quality tests are met. They get paid and they leave. But, what if that doesn’t solve your health problems? What if there’s mold elsewhere or deeper in the wall? Other companies like us take a serious look at the science to understand how molds impact your health. We will also stay until the job is done. If you’re not getting better, our remediation is not finished. That is the remediation company you want to look for and work with.

3. Will you charge an additional fee if you fail an air or swab sample after your treatment process?

If they fail a sample, they should come back at no additional cost to fix it. No questions asked.

4. Will it cost me more money if you remove some of my walls but find out you have to go further than you anticipated?

This will make sure they tell you upfront if they’re low-balling you. The fact of the matter is, remediation companies have no idea how far the mold extends until we bust that wall open. That’s why our contract states that we’ll go up to 4 feet beyond our initial estimate to ensure the mold is gone. And, at no additional charge. Don’t be swayed by a slightly lower cost- make sure you’re committing to a company with your best interests at heart.

5. If you quote me a price, will you stick with that amount or will it increase if you don’t obtain our agreed-upon results?

Again, are they there for the payout or for your health? If they open up the wall but some of the floors also need to come out, will they go the extra mile to get the job done at the agreed-upon price?

6. What does your company do to ensure the Mycotoxin levels reduce? Do you guarantee that they actually will decrease? (click on the link above for an overview of what these toxins are and how they can affect your health)

Unfortunately, some companies will sell you on their mold treating experience but not mention they have 0 experience with these toxins. If you clicked on the links above, you’ll know that these toxins may be the main culprit as to why you’re not feeling well. They can’t be treated in the same way as molds though. So while these companies are taking care of the mold issue, they’re leaving behind what’s actually making you ill.

7. What techniques do you use to make sure you’re not cross-contaminating and making those toxin levels go up?

The company you end up working with should understand how cross-contamination works and have a plan in place to stop it. Do not settle for the line, “The whole house is contaminated so we don’t have to put up any containment.” That’s not true; toxins from one room will cross-contaminate to the rest of the house making the situation worse, not better. Again, it comes down to experience and their overall goal (which is getting you healthier).

8. If you find bacteria as well, do you guarantee the removal as well?

The answer to this should be, “Yes, absolutely.” The bacteria itself may be the cause as to why you’re sick in the first place. Make sure they have a plan to check the source that led to the mold growth and determine if it’s contaminated.

9. If I retest my home 3-6 months later, will you guarantee the results?

If they remediated properly, they should have no problem testing again in 6 months to ensure your home is safe. Remember the three pillars to a successful remediation company. They should be able to: remediate the sources properly, identify and address the problems that led to those sources in the first place, and eradicate the contamination that was created by those sources.

10. What happens if you can’t pass post-testing and you can’t afford to come back anymore?

Never settle for, “This is the best it can get.” The end result should always be the complete eradication of the contamination. Not partially- complete. If they can’t fulfill their side of the contract, that means they’re not qualified in certain areas of remediation like mycotoxin removal. Thus, they’re not the right fit for the job. We sound like a broken record, but it’s your well-being on the line. Wanting the complete package should be your ultimate goal.

11. Finally, do you guarantee that when you assess my home, your quote will 100% cover the scope of work and price that I need to sure my family’s health issues from the mold will stop?

You interview a few companies and you get a few price quotes. Some are higher, some lower. Now it’s time to compare apples to apples. Are the companies with the lower quotes willing to complete the full scope of work we discussed above? Do they have the 4 feet plus guarantee? Are they taking care of toxins and bacteria? You know what they should be doing, so sit them down and make them explain their proposal in laymen’s terms. If you’re not feeling better when they leave, what will they do to fix the problem? Finish the job or charge you who knows how much extra? A higher initial isn’t a bad thing if it leads to results that last. Remember, a successful company will eliminate the source of the mold, improve the space so the mold doesn’t return, and remove all contamination that is causing poor health reactions.

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