Empowering others to share their journey in overcoming toxic mold exposure

The Mold Talks podcast was established by HomeCleanse’s President Michael Rubino to spread important information, spark necessary conversations, increase awareness, and share real-life stories of individuals who are all too familiar with mold. While not a popular topic in current society, this indoor contaminant is impacting the health of an ever-increasing number of people across the world, including parents, children, young professionals, celebrities, medical experts, and everyone else in between.

By shining a light on this important topic, families everywhere will be able to gather the information they need to:

  • Handle indoor mold exposure properly
  • Begin detoxing from the exposure
  • Take preventative action to create a safe indoor environment that supports wellbeing

Mold Talks is also a platform that was initiated to build a community of help and acceptance. One of the greatest challenges of dealing with a contaminated indoor environment is the lack of support and understanding regarding this increasingly prevalent issue. Far too many individuals are suffering and will continue to suffer simply because of a lack of familiarity with the impact mold exposure can have on health.

The more we discuss the impact our indoor spaces have on health, share our stories, and provide valuable information, the sooner we can shift this dynamic. Those suffering will get the help they need quickly, and far more preventative actions will be taken to avoid an indoor contamination issue from occurring. Everyone deserves to live in a healthy home that supports their ongoing wellbeing.