Mold Toxicity, Air Quality, Mycotoxins, and Mold Remediation

Michael Rubino sat down with Ariane Sommer on her podcast, The Superhumanize Podcast, to discuss mold, mold illness, detoxing, and the importance of a healthy home environment.

In this podcast episode, Michael discusses:

-There is a serious lack of information about how mold can effect us…02:40

-A description of some of the dangers of mold and the symptoms they cause…04:10

-Long term exposure to mold has systemic debilitating effects on our bodies… 07:15

-Shannon’s story: complete health transformation by removing toxic mold from her home…08:50

-The current state of research on mold and mycotoxins…10:55

-Particular tests you can take to determine if you have mycotoxins or mold in your body…13:25

  • Great Plains Laboratory

-Locations in your home to check for mold (start with the toilet tank)…14:55

-How to determine if you can test your home for mold yourself, or if you should hire a professional…16:40

-DIY vs. professional mold remediation comparison…19:20

  • Recommended Botanical Antimicrobial: Benefect Decon 30

-Removing mold: how big is the remediation project for a professional…21:50

  • Fix the water source or moisture intrusion that is the root of the problem
  • Remove the mold colony (you can wipe off of tile, but drywall needs to be removed)
  • Remove as many mold spores as you can

-Mold spores: think of them like seeds from which more mold colonies can bloom…24:25

-What to do if you have become sick from mold toxicity…25:35

  • Remove yourself from the toxic environment
  • Properly remediate the environment
  • Properly remediate the environment
  • See a functional health or naturopathic doctor
  • Take binders, change diet, saunas, increase detoxifying ability, etc

-Mold causes chronic inflammatory response in the body…28:40

-Home inspections are commonplace in the real estate business, but mold inspections are not…31:30

-The simple practice that has benefitted Michael’s life…34:20

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About Ariane Sommer:

She’s a published author, vegan biohacker, and wellness entrepreneur. She has passionately dedicated the last 12 years of her life to creating the ultimate human experience mentally, physically, and spiritually based on the most powerful ancient teachings and cutting-edge, modern discoveries and technologies.

The Superhumanize Podcast was born out of her deep desire to share what she has learned from global thought leaders in health, personal development, business, biohacking, science, and spirituality, in order to help listeners live their best lives ever.

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About Michael Rubino
Michael Rubino, Author of The Mold Medic: An Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal, is the authority on mold remediation. As President of HomeCleanse, Rubino specializes in working with people who are immunocompromised or have acute and sustained reactions to mold exposure. Rubino provides solutions that not only get rid of mold sources but also get rid of the contamination created by those mold sources using his proprietary “Home Detox” method. He is a council-certified Mold Remediator by IICRC and ACAC and a contributing member, sponsor, and speaker for the Indoor Air Quality Association.