We are continuously working with medical professionals to discuss the safety data sheets of the products in our marketplace

By staying informed, we can work together to use the right products and project plans to meet your specific needs. Please have your doctor reach out to us today to discuss creating your project plan.

Although it’s not completely clear what causes it, the CDC confirmed that certain individuals with pre-existing conditions can be sensitive to mold. After much research, there are plenty of suspected pre-existing conditions that correlate with a heightened sensitivity to mold. The theory is that certain individuals are not able to detoxify mold from their bodies the way the average person does. There are a multitude of diagnoses that are believed to make someone prone to environmentally acquired illness. Some of these correlations are individuals with CIRS, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme disease, Autoimmune Disorder, and other Immunocompromised persons. Because this is an evolving science with many diagnoses being studied for correlation between environmental contaminants and how they impact the health of the individual, we stand behind the CDC’s recommendation that if mold or any other environmental contaminant are present, it should be removed. Below we will link to different classifications that have made claims linking these diagnoses to the heightened sensitivities to mold exposure. You should know that HomeCleanse is on your side and does believe that there are individuals who are susceptible to environmentally acquired illness and we are here to listen and understand what you are experiencing. You are not alone as we have currently helped over 500 families also experiencing sensitivity to mold in their environment and we have noticed a massive amount of correlation with them not being able to live in their home. Furthermore, after practicing our three pillars or remediation, they are able to live in their home again comfortably. From there we have been able to hypothesize that we can make even the most sensitive of individuals able to live and breathe better in their homes by improving their indoor air quality.

HomeCleanse has experience working with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) patients, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) patients, Autoimmune disorder patients, Lyme Disease patients, Lyme Disease Co-Infections, individuals with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and Immunocompromised Persons. Please let us know if you have any of these diagnoses or sensitivities so that it can be observed when creating your remediation strategy.

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