Head of Content

What gives you the most pride in being part of the Home Cleanse team?

The ability to help people heal and create greater awareness about creating safe indoor environments. Every day, people share their stories with us about how toxins in their homes affect their health. With so little attention given to the impact our indoor spaces have on health, though, these individuals went through the wringer physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially just trying to hunt down answers and get the help they need. It’s heartbreaking, but it adds fuel to the fire about why we do what we do.

Providing information, resources, and services for people to take their lives back and finally feel like their normal selves is absolutely one of the best parts of being on the HomeCleanse team. 

What’s something you’re most proud of in your career?
“Words have power.”

One of the best things about creating written content is the ability to speak to a great many people across the world. You can inspire change, encourage growth, drive awareness, solve problems, or achieve whatever you want to give your audience. It’s an incredible way to ensure people have the tools and resources they need to succeed in any facet of their lives and know that they’re not alone. I’m proud to use this skill set to help others, particularly those who are struggling with issues like mold exposure.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Reading, baking, spoiling my dog, playing video games, and kickboxing 

What's the best concert you've ever been to?
P!nk, by a landslide. She flew/spun through the air above the stadium throughout the performance, had massive set changes between every song, used crazy props, and sang like an angel the entire time. It was epic.