Chief Marketing Officer

What gives you the most pride in being part of the Home Cleanse team?
Knowing that the work we're doing is impacting people's lives. We hear story after story of people who were unable to live in their home due to poor air quality before HomeCleanse was able to restore their home to a healthy ecology. It's easily the most rewarding company I have ever been a part of!

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Back when I worked on political campaigns, I had a senior staffer on a major campaign ask myself and my colleagues a simple question after each day. Did you win today or lose today? 15+ years later, that question still resonates with me at the end of each day; did you go above and beyond to win the day? 

What's the most remarkable event to happen in your life thus far? 
The birth of my daughter. She was born seven weeks early and was born on my 40th birthday. Her birth has single handedly changed the direction and focus of my life. And as we joke about now, we're birthday buddies for life.

What's your favorite sport or team?
I've been a Yankees fan since I was a kid during the days of Don Mattingly. I'm also proud to support my alma mater Rutgers in Football and Basketball, which hasn't been the easiest thing to do.