The 5 Best Mold Removers of 2022

Michael Rubino was featured in an article at The Spruce to discuss what to look for in a mold removal product.

Mold is pernicious and invasive—in other words, it's harmful and tough to eradicate. An effective mold remover can help you tackle the health hazard before it gets out of hand and requires the aid of a professional. "Any mold remover is supposed to help separate mold from a surface so that you can remove it," says Michael Rubino, author of The Mold Medic and founder of HomeCleanse. "That is the only way to utilize these products. Anything that’s designed as spray and stay or set and forget isn't going to work as intended."

With Rubino's guidance in mind, we've researched dozens of mold removers, evaluating the effectiveness, formula type, and ease of use. Our best overall pick, the RMR Brands RMR-141 Disinfectant, has a potent formula that's safe, effective, and suitable for use on porous and non-porous surfaces.

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