Summertime is one of the main times of the year for microbial growth to develop. Here are 11 steps to protect your indoor air quality.

The hot, humid summer months are nearly upon us. The oppressive weather across much of the country and rising temperatures worldwide means we'll spend quite a bit of the season indoors to avoid the heat—between any vacations, of course.

Is your indoor environment ready to support your wellness, though, or will it cause unwanted harm?

Poor indoor air quality can taint your summer fun by triggering a host of possible chronic symptoms. No one wants to feel unwell when it's already a battle to stay cool or be forced to miss out on warm-weather adventures.

As the outdoor conditions heat up, prioritize preparing your home as a cool and healthy oasis for the upcoming months.

This proactive approach will protect your health and let you focus on what's important— enjoying those summer experiences and making memories with loved ones.

Here are 11 things you can do to protect your indoor air quality this summer:

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