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Keeping an eye out and regularly checking for any indicators of microbial growth is key to maintaining a safe indoor environment. The longer microbial growth is present, the more toxic the indoor space will become. Knowing the answer to “What color is mold?” is one of the key pieces of awareness to have while hunting for potential issues.

What Color is Mold?

With over 100,000 species existing in the world, mold colonies can come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Some of the most common colors include green, pink, white, grey, blue, red, black, brown, or a combination of them. As for textures, they could be fuzzy, powdery, velvety, or slimy. 

A great idea is to grab a flashlight and comb through your home regularly to catch any visible signs of mold as soon as possible. 

Areas to pay close attention to include:
  • The attic

  • The basement 

  • Crawlspaces

  • Grout and caulk

  • Windowsills and doorframes

  • Appliances (coffee maker, dishwasher, refrigerator water spout, blender, laundry machine, etc.)

  • Exhaust vents

  • Showerheads

  • Sink faucets

  • Mattresses

  • House plants

  • Fireplace

Bonus Tip

One trick to help determine if there’s an indoor contamination situation is to check the toilet tank for mold or mildew. While the lid isn’t hermetically sealed, there’s very little air transfer between the inside and outside of the tank. A lucky spore could have found its way inside, but it’s far more likely that there were enough spores in the air from another mold colony in the home that one was able to opportunistically stumble across this wet oasis. You're much less likely to find mold in the toilet tank than in other damp areas like the bathtub caulking, so if there’s microbial growth inside this area, there’s probably a larger problem elsewhere in the home. 

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Found Mold?

You know the answer to, “What color is mold?” What do you do if you find microbial growth, though?

Learn more about what steps to take here.


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