You should be cleaning your AC unit to stop harmful bacteria from blowing into your home – here’s how – The U.S. Sun

Michael Rubino was a featured expert in an article at The U.S. Sun to discuss maintaining safe and clean window AC units to prevent mold growth.

HARMFUL bacteria and mold could be getting into your home if you don’t clean out your AC unit, an expert has warned.

You could be at risk of health problems if you don’t give your in-window unit a regular clean.

“Once a colony is established, it will start releasing microscopic spores into the air, which will then get blown all throughout the room,” according to Michael Rubino of HomeCleanse, a mold remediator

If you want to prevent this from happening, here’s how to clean it from an expert.

You should be cleaning your AC unit twice a year.

“Clean it once before turning it on and once before shutting it down for the season,” Rubino,

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