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They should guarantee to bring your space back to normal levels in the areas that were found to be elevated. In the event that a post-test indicates there are still elevated levels in that area, they should come back to address it at no extra cost to you

The only time this should not be covered is if an additional area was found that wasn’t in the original mold investigation.

For example, let’s say you find mold in your attic and a team comes in to remediate that space. When a post-test is completed, it shows there is still an elevation found due to a spot that they missed. The company should then come back to resolve it at no additional cost. However, if the elevation exists because there is additional mold found in the bedroom below causing an elevation in the attic (and it was not originally called for to do any remediation in that bedroom) they would only charge for the amount it takes to come back to resolve the condition found in the bedroom. 

That’s why I always recommend a thorough investigation be completed prior to starting a mold remediation plan. If all of the issues are found and remedied the first time, you and your family can have a safe space to heal and detox. 

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