Home Cleanse, formerly known as HomeCleanse, is a revolutionary company dedicated to devising innovative solutions to establish healthy homes and eradicate the worldwide health epidemic created by water-damaged buildings.

When HomeCleanse was formed in 2017, the goal was to help families in the greater New York City area, which was still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. As Home Cleanse, we now service clients across the continental United States, as well as globally.

 and Michael Rubino, via "The Mold Medic," is assisting clients globally. While our service-based business continues to grow 50–100% year over year, we recognize that the future of environmental products and services extends far beyond HomeCleanse’s current capacity.

That is why we are launching HomeCleanse. Beginning July 1st, 2022, HomeCleanse will be rebranded and transition into the HomeClease service division, which will remain dedicated to achieving our vision of ending chronic suffering due to poor air quality and contaminated indoor environments. Meanwhile, HomeCleanse products division will be the unprecedented bridge between the air we breathe and our ongoing wellness.


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“After years of researching, my rating could not be less than 5 stars. It is a really powerful frame with a lot of possibilities. Lots of icons and pages and awesome components!

 Plus, it is really well documented.”

Deepak Chopra

Michael Rubino

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